Would you like to become a  Massage Therapist & practise professionally?
Would you like to just learn the art of massage to help your family & friends? 

                                       Weekend Intensive

                                  WHOLE BODY MASSAGE .  

                                 No experience necessary!!!


This complete hands on massage course is taught so that you will be able to put your skills into practise after just 3 days.   So, why not join us and use massage  therapy to help others and earn a living at the same time, or to save money as you help your family and friends!! 

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EASY LEARNING:  The atmosphere in our classes is that to enhance your learning and to help you to feel comfortable, there is always time to have your questions answered and if need be, have a technique demonstrated again.  The instructor demonstrates a technique, students practise, then change over (so you work on another student and they work on you!). You don’t require any prior learning in health or massage.

Our standard course fee is $657.00

Your training package will include 3 days of hands on training, a fully detailed manual which you can also use for later reference, and an application to join the Massage Association of Australia (MAA).
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Whether you are intending to practise professionally or learn the skills to help your family and friends, this course will teach you techniques that will transform you into a confident and competent therapist. During the 3 day massage workshop you will learn:

Massage techniques which will enable you to reach the deeper layers of muscle and relieve tension, increase blood circulation, increase flexibility, treat & decrease sports injuries and enhance  performance.
 Correct posture and positioning for you the therapist, to ensure that you do not injure yourself. You will also learn how to position the towels for your clients comfort and dignity.
 When massage therapy is not recommended – these are commonly known as contraindications and care should be taken to protect your clients wellbeing.
 ♥Hints and practical advise on the setting up and maintaining an ongoing professional massage practice.  
The course includes demonstrations of each technique, plenty of practice and question time.  How to put together a whole body massage that flows continually from one body part to another ensuring a deeper relaxation result.

Massage has many benefits and helps to increase blood circulation therefore also increasing lymph flow.  Massage also helps the respiratory system, increases flexibility and restores lost mobility, eases pressure on the skeletal system and joints and helps to prevent muscle and tendon injuries.  Regular massage helps you to think and function more efficiently and improves your overall feeling of wellbeing.  Massage helps the body to restore its natural balance otherwise known as homeostasis and is an excellent preventative.  Unfortunately many people will not discover massage until they have developed a problem

 On successful completion of our massage course you will awarded a  “Certificate of Massage” which is recognised by the Massage Association of  Australia (MAA) and joining this association will enable you to be able to purchase professional indemnity insurance.


The course was not what I had expected it to be; I learnt a great deal more than I anticipated. The majority of the course was dedicated to demonstrations and hands on learning, which helped immensely. Every technique that Sue and Peter taught was practiced by all of us, so we had an understanding of what was required and how it all works. Sue and Peter are extremely knowledgeable and professional. They would assist to make sure the correct technique was being used. I found the structure of the course was designed to ensure success and a proficient understanding of massage. Overall I found the course to be highly enjoyable and I recommend it for anyone who wishes to learn massage.

Thanks Cassie

Hi Sue, Just a testimonial for the Course. A very interesting and hands on massage course that was easy to understand with plenty of practise to grasp the techniques.

Regards, Angie.

 I have just completed the two and a half day Massage Course with Peter and Sue. I must admit to having mixed feelings about my ability to learn and keep up with the hours of the course. However, Peter and Sue ran an extremely supportive, friendly and nurturing weekend for those of us who attended. Questions were answered patiently and in a manner easy to understand, all participants were given individual support and the weekend breezed by. Techniques were demonstrated and explained clearly and with patience.

 I am so pleased that I decided to take up the challenge to learn something new. Peter and Sue are extremely professional and knowledgeable tutors who make each participant feel welcome and supported. I’m certainly looking forward to participating in more of their courses.

 Linda Piddick



I was wanting to do a ‘proper’ massage course, and learn and understand how to do all the basic techniques correctly i.e. to professional standard. I found this Full Body Massage 3 Day intensive course run by Peter and Sue from ‘Escentual Transformations’ which was what I’ve been looking for. It was Great!! It had the necessary theory (which wasn’t at all boring!) to understand the how’s, why’s, where’s, and when not to’s regarding massage, ‘to keep it safe for myself and any future clients’. They gave full-on support, encouragement and hands-on demonstration when needed (which made you feel comfortable and reassured and helped to build your confidence).

I recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn how to do the basic properly – and go from there!