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Kinergetics, a form of Kinesiology, is a painless, fast, non- invasive method of healing that works supportively with the body.  In Kinergetics,  muscle testing is used to identify the areas of stress, pain or imbalance, and also to  access the correction required, the only  correction being energy. Kinergetics can also detect and balance mental and emotional stresses that are causing disease and blocking or sabotaging  personal growth and affecting a person’s ability to function effectively in the world. Kinergetics is also used to access and balance heavy metals and Candida in the body, to help reduce or eliminate allergies and sensitivities, to relieve anxiety, fear and the effects of traumatic events in our lives.  Stresses or IMBALANCES  in our system can present themselves as *ADD & ADHD *Allergies *Anxiety *Arthritis *Asthma *Back Pain *Bladder problems *Blood pressure (low & high)   *Bronchitis *Carpel tunnel *Chronic  Fatigue *Colds & Flu’s *Constipation *Depression *Dermatitis *Fear *Fluid retention *Gastrointestinal  disorders *Hay Fever *Headaches *Heartburn *Immune system problems *Insomnia *Kidney problems *Lack of concentration *Lack of confidence *Low self esteem *Menopause *Menstrual problems *Migraines *Moodiness *Neck pain *Pain (in general)  *Sinus *Skin abnormalities *Stress *Varicose Veins *Weight problems, etc. Kinergetics can be used to access and balance these stresses.

EASY LEARNING:  The atmosphere in our classes is that to enhance your learning and to help you to feel comfortable, there is always time to have your questions answered and if need be, have a technique demonstrated again. The instructor demonstrates a technique. Students practise, then change over (so you work on another student and  they work on you!). In Unit 1 the Instructor usually demonstrates a second time, so you ‘sandwich’ the learning.  You don’t require any prior training in health, energy workshops or Kinesiology.  Kinergetics is a great place to start on a journey into the world of energy healing.

Each Unit is usually held over a weekend with classes commencing at 9am and concluding at 5pm on both Saturday and Sunday.
Units One thru to Five are also held as  Intensives. (Intensives are held over a 14 day period and also incorporate Touch for Health One.) 

Cost per Unit:   $400.00 and will include your manual and certificate.  Repeat cost is $80.00
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The Basic process that is used for all units:
Healing Energy:  We test to see if you have any blocks to healing energy and correct if necessary.
Muscle Testing:  Every thing you need to know to be able to muscle test effectively.
Pretests:  Before we start we make sure we have permission, and that the client is adequately hydrated.
Corrections:  Fast Fix, is the main correction in Kinergetics, using finger modes to determine the type of correction the body tells us where to correct, how long to correct for and when it is corrected.

The types of Balances you will learn in your first weekend:
Stress corrrection:  Basic stress correction will change your clients reaction to a stress and how it impacts on them.
Sensitivity correction: 
Self Testing:  Balance yourself!!!!
Electrolyte Correction:  Energetically balance your electrolytes.
Brain Integration Correction:  Allows the pathways in the brain to become integrated, it is possible to instantly take someone out of overwhelm.

Plus three very powerful pain corrections – all in Unit One:
Hydration Scan List Correction:  It’s not how much water you drink, it’s how much you assimilate.  Clear the stresses that block the assimilation of water.  Dehydration causes pain!
Pain Correction:  Standard pain correction, can be used by itself but best used in combination with hydration and TMJ.
Pain TMJ (Masseter and Temporalis):  Balance the jaw, balance the body.  Over 90% of the muscles in the body are affected by the muscles around the TMJ.



Emotions:  Find an emotion, age recess to find the original stress, locate and balance the connected links. Change the reaction to stress.
TMJ Suppression:  Find and balance suppressed stress in the jaw muscles, ligaments, tendons etc.
Sphenoid and Coccyx:  These are critical for structural integrity.
Hypertonic Muscles:  Learn how to release tension from muscles, tendons, ligaments etc to allow your client more flexibility.
General Formatting:  Clears stresses in general.
Specific Formatting:  Search for stresses in very specific areas of the body. Includes 34 pages of formats.
Vision:  Ten different vision balances, covering affirmations, anatomical, support for correction, metaphysical and muscle corrections.



Testing 16 muscles in contraction and extension:  64 photos, 32 professional drawings.Learn where the muscles are and their purpose and how to test them for over (too tight) and under (weak) facilitated.
Jammed muscle circuits:  Technically called over-facilitated. Ten times more important to correct than under-facilitated muscles.
Affirmations:  Affirmations usually cause a stressin the body when you are repeating something that you do not believe. Kinergetics clears the stress from the affirmation.  Scan list of over 250 affirmations, 17 categories.
Sabotage:  We create sabotages as protection.  Consciously we may say “it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all” but subconsciously our brain wants everything to run smoothly with no big ups and downs.  Find the emotional cause behing the sabotage.
Heavy Metals:  Test for Mercury, strengthen the body so it can better handle heavy metals.
Client sessions:  How to work with clients. Sample sessions.



Higher vibrational Energy:  Clear more energy blocks, corrections are now deeper.
More Power = More Safety Checks:  We now have more access to the client’s bio-computer.
Magnesium/Mineral Metabolism:  Locate and correct stresses block the assimilation of minerals.
Accessing Optimum Support:  Support the body to give you more information.  Bring to the surface hidden stresses that the body has not had enough energy to deal with.
Hydration Scan List Correction:  Deeper, faster Hydration corrections.
Access Sequence:  Check possible blocks to healing, add more information before correcting.
Electrolyte Correction:  Energetically balance electrolytes.
Session Completion Checks:  Make sure there are no sabotages etc blocking the corrections and the healing.
Scan Lists:  Includes lots of Scan Lists and corrections from previous Units, so this becomes the main manual you will work from now.



Advanced Formats:  Check dehydration caused by Anaesthetics, vaccines, drugs etc.
Micro-organisms:  Check the energetic reation to all sorts of micro-organisms.
Hydration Pathways:  To dehydrate an area of the body the Hypothalamus sends messages to the Pituitary, then Adrenal Hormones.  Follow the pathway to find the cause.
Brain Hydration Correction:  Check over 25,000 permutations from 8 pages of Brain Formats.
Higher Chakra Balance:  Check Higher Chakras for stresses that keep throwing out the physical structure of the body.
Light body Correction:  Formatting in the Light Bodies and Chakras.  This is done on both days so you get lots of practise. This is so powerful it comes with its own Safety Checks so we don’t leave clients feeling ‘spaced out’.



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